I am 25 years old, and reside in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, though I am originally from the Pittsburgh area. I am employed in the federal contracting market research industry.

The primary reason I created this blog was to post my thoughts, musings, concerns, and questions about the happenings in the world of Christianity in general, and evangelicalism in particular. Although I am a lifelong Christian, and my worldview is undoubtedly shaped by “Evangelical” categories, I hold some views that within that context may be considered different, even contrarian; hence I chose the username that I did. Some things I post you may agree with, some you may not; I welcome your input regardless. I may also post a fair bit regarding religion, politics, sports, entertainment, popular culture, etc.

Aside from my Christian faith, which I consider the most important aspect of my existence, my primary interests include politics in the United States and around the world, and specifically the Middle East as well, I am very passionate about seeking a just, equitable, and lasting peace in the Middle East, having been to the region, though the only surefire way to attaining this is upon the return of Christ.

I have three younger brothers and was raised in the home of an Evangelical (obviously!) pastor, and a mother who was a homemaker until I went to college. My family is very important to me. I am a die-hard fan of all Pittsburgh sports teams at both the college and professional levels, particularly the Steelers. You will likely hear me muse about that a fair bit!

I think we are all in this journey together. The peace of Christ be with you.


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